Spaying / Neutering 

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Neutering is a common term for surgical sterilisation of pets We are dedicated to providing a pain and stress free service for pets. We use the safest human grade anaesthetics and all animals get pain relief during the surgery and afterwards. There are numerous long-term health benefits to neutering your pet.

In Females:

  • Prevents unwanted litters
  • Reduces the chances of mammary tumours
  • Eliminates the chance of getting serious and life threatening womb infection (pyometra)
  • Eliminates annoying heat cycles

In Males:

  • Eliminates the occurrence of testicular and perianal tumours
  • Reduces the chance of prostate problems
  • Reduces aggression
  • Reduces roaming/straying
  • Reduces urine marking


Spaying and neutering age recommendations


  • Male and female cats: 4 months


  • Male and female small and medium dogs (under 20kg adult weight) 5-6 months: i.e. prior to first heat.


  • Male and female large dogs ( over 20kg adult weight) 9 months: i.e. after first heat to ensure larger breeds more skeletally mature


  • Male and female giant breeds: minimum of 1 year: ensures more skeletally mature and may help reduce incidence of osteosarcoma in these breeds


  • Spaying recommended 10 weeks post season/ post whelping:   Reduces risk of post spay pseudopregnancy.
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