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Professional Fees 

Please contact us for current charges.
We have a set fee for vaccinations and neutering.

Our aim is to provide Quality, Transparency and Value. A full listing of services and prices is available on display in the clinic.

1. A ten minute appointment with a vet during normal hours will cost a fixed rate. Please contact us for current charge. We also operate an appointment system to keep delays down to an absolute minimum.

2. We have a set fee for vaccinations and neutering.

3. If your pet is ill and requires diagnostic, surgical or medical interventions, we can always provide you with an estimate and discuss cost prior to beginning any work, so you can make an informed choice for your pet.

Please ask for an estimate if you are not offered one, but also be aware that estimates are just estimated costs  of what the final bill could be. Sometimes the bill will be more or less than the estimate provided, so do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions about treatments and costs. We understand that some of our services seem expensive and we are more than happy to discuss how these charges are generated.

4. Our fees are the same whether your pet is insured or not.

5. Payment is expected at the time of treatment.

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Value for Money

At Advanced Pet Care, we accept that some of our charges may seem expensive, and bills can easily amount to substantial amounts of money. These costs reflect the high standards that we provide for you and your pets. These high standards require a significant investment in staff, equipment, training, drugs and time. Our clients expect care, facilities and level of professional services that are above average.

We will never compromise our standards to provide a cheap service, however it will always be our aim to provide value for your money. Also in most cases, we will be able to provide options for treatment.

Don't forget that we all have pets too, so we know what your pet means to you - the same as ours mean to us!

At Advanced Pet Care, caring for your pet means everything to us. So trust us to make your pet's life long, happy and healthy.

A suggestion:

 We strongly recommend that all new owners make sufficient provision for vet bills should they arise. In most cases this means taking out pet insurance against unexpected accidents or illness.   Please visit the insurance section on this website if you are interested in having your pet insured.

We accept payments by Cash, Laser, Cheque (with cheque card), and Mastercard or Visa.

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