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Dietary Advice

Dietary Advice

A balanced diet is very important in keeping your pet healthy. It is important to choose a high-quality food that is appropriate to your pet’s life stage. An imbalanced diet can cause certain nutritional deficiencies, which can result in poor hair growth, poor coat condition, excess coat shedding, loose stools and skin allergies.

High quality foods are highly digestible which means they need to eat less to satisfy their appetite.

A balanced diet also plays a huge part in keeping your pet at a healthy weight. If your pet is overweight this can lead to a range of problems, as your pet gets older such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and hip dysplasia.

We provide sound dietary and nutritional recommendations for healthy dogs and cats as well as those with medical conditions. We stock a wide range of veterinary dry and wet foods. Speak to one of nurses to find out what food is best for your pet.


Everyone at Smith and Foley is committed to providing you with the very best in pet healthcare. Our veterinary team bring a wealth of experience to the practice and have individually obtained high standards of professional qualification.