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in-house laboratory

In-House Laboratory

Blood testing:

Blood testing is a key method in diagnosing a wide range of health problems in your pet. By performing a blood test, we can analyse your pet’s major organs and blood system. Most of these tests can be done in our own laboratory; so that we can have the results back on the same day.

We offer preanesthetic blood tests, general health profiles and senior pet screens to ensure your pet is healthy.

For specialised tests, we use a network of reference laboratories, which enables us to provide test results usually by the following day.

Urine testing:

We also run a full range of comprehensive urine tests. We test urine to check kidney function, look for infections, detect crystals and bladder stones, and also in some cases screen for diabetes.

Skin testing:

We regularly examine many skin and hair samples under the microscope to detect external parasites. Under certain circumstances, we send samples to specialised laboratories for more complicated conditions.


Everyone at Smith and Foley is committed to providing you with the very best in pet healthcare. Our veterinary team bring a wealth of experience to the practice and have individually obtained high standards of professional qualification.